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Types of
concrete foundations
Printed Concrete
Concrete Imprints
Squirting on existent foundation

Random Cobble Stone

European Fan


Mediterranean Tile and Compass Rose

Small & Large Tile

Squirting the existent foundation (the only existing system of fabrication in the Europe) is performed with the help of colour fixer scheme on existent concrete and represents an ideal combination of colour, texture and design whose appearance does not differ from the system of mortar processing - imprints.

DEKO BETON foundations fabricated by squirting the existent foundation have a high-quality materials and high-quality processing itself.

In order to obey the high quality, the following activities have to be performed: aligning the existent concrete with a special compound of 10mm-20mm thickness if the concrete foundation is in a good condition (if concrete is reinforced, without cracks and greater rough spots), and afterwards - the special compound in chosen colour is squirted on the prepared foundation by a pattern.

With spreading the sealer (enamel) in the end of the work, concrete pores are sealed and therefore it prevents the weather conditions to influence the concrete. There is a special 15mm safety colour layer, which makes its surface 4 times more endurable than conventional concrete.

Schematic illustration of existing textures
Standard Colour Set


Stormy Grey

Brick Colour


Dark terraota


Concrete Colour


Sand Colour