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What is are business?
Company DEKO BETON Pty. Ltd. deals with concrete foundation realization.

DEKO BETON is the new concrete production line for tiling the floor surface which represents not only a designer's inventiveness and creativity but also a pragmatic approach and practicality required by a client. Every project is treated separately and created carefully for the finite usage, taking into account the type of the predicted flux.
   Thickness of the floor lamination, the type of the surface fixer, the type of finite surface appearance and other technical characteristics are determined on account of the client's requirements. Arrangement of exterior and interior construction works had two alternatives until nowadays: natural stone in numerous shapes which is beautiful yet expensive; assembly stones for tiling - it is cheap yet the colour fades easily, it becomes loose and dilapidated. Finally, a product which combines beauty of natural elements with practicality and economy of slabs for tiling appeared on a trade market as a demand of modern and practical world.
   Taking into account infinite number of textures, colours and designs which DEKO BETON offers, one will discover a world totally different and better than others. DEKO BETON is ideal for usage on small and large surfaces as well. The process of colouring and texturing of newly concreted surface on the occasion of producing DB foundation is simple and it gives the possibility for concrete to acquire the appearance of roof tiles, stone, brick, and tiles, even wood. Wide range of colours and shapes DEKO BETON foundation is the result of our eighteen year old experience.

Main features of DEKO BETON foundations are:
  • Wide range of colours, nuances and effects
  • Great endurance
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Natural appearance
  • High-quality processing by acceptable prices
  • High value of product in comparison to the money spent
The temper of decorative concrete is 4, and there are no many materials on the temper rank which can endanger it. In regards to this, the future of construction materials is heading towards more successful usage of decorative concrete which became growing industry in the world.
Under favour of its great endurance and permanence, decorative concrete remains unchanged and under the burden of over 40 tons.
Selecting decorative concrete as a construction material contributes to environment, which is in harmony with the strict rules in regards to the protection of the environment.
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